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finishes and colors. We have made it easy to
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Enrich your lives by bringing visual
pleasure and lasting care in your

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Glorify your home with a wide range of colors, and finishes. Our selection of interior and exterior paints will transform your home, making it beautiful.

100% Original

All of our paints are manufactured with 100% natural pigments, providing a full, rich look with stunning colors.


Next paints offer improved durability of color that have good leveling qualities for a smooth finish


Our range of interior and exterior paints will give you various options to transform your room.


Our paints deliver complete one hide unmatched coverage, durability, washability, and stain blocking.

Enhanced beauty

Bring a luxury touch to your walls, best adhesiveness with fast drying and smooth finishing and enhance the beauty of your rooms.

Excellent UV Protection

Extremely advanced protection against alkali and UV degradation, thus ensuring that the shade will last longer without fading.


Contributing to a Brighter World

Give your walls new life by extraordinarily durable stainless luxury
paints that are eco-friendly and blended from rich pigments.

Breathing New Life into a Home

Make your home looks ten years younger and bring a modern look in
a new style with smooth, glossy, and durable finishing.

Cool Design

Perfect for decorating your walls. .


Ultra-tough washable paints for ceilings and interior walls.

True Colors

Delivers true Colors in Few Coats.

Unmatched Coverage

Enhance the beauty of your walls with unmatched coverage.

Most durable paints with anti-fade technology
Weather Protection for All Weathers

Specially formulated to survive extreme weather conditions of high
rainfall, moisture, and heat.

NP painted our kitchen, then for good measure we had him do the entire exterior of our home as well as stain our deck. They did an excellent job, very clean, detailed work, came home each day and everything was spotless. I would highly recommend for any job

Amir Rayaz

Next Paints did a great job for us. He jumped on a job that had to be done yesterday and completed it quickly and to our great satisfaction, even in light of some difficulties (dropping temperatures and a sketchy roofline). Thanks again Next Paint!

Muhammad Ali

I used the Next Paint for my guest bathroom and bedroom painting project. I was very pleased with the colors. Painter went the extra mile to remove vanity light and mirror. Rooms very clean after work is done. I will go with the next paint again for my next painting project.

Rais Khan